ASTM International Workshop

11 September 2024, DWTC, Dubai, UAE
11 AM - 4:30 PM (1-hour break in between)

*The workshop fee is USD 250 per person, plus 5% VAT

About the Workshop

Join us at the BOLAT Show 2024 for an exclusive workshop on the Fundamentals of Lubrication, hosted in collaboration with ASTM International. This workshop is designed to provide professionals with in-depth knowledge of lubrication, essential for optimising equipment performance and ensuring efficient lube oil management.

What will you get?

  • Understand basic and advanced lubrication concepts.
  • Learn effective lube oil management.
  • Network with industry professionals.
  • Receive your certificate on completion.

About ASTM International

ASTM International, established in 1898, is a leading global standards organization in the oils and lubricants industry. With over 13,000 standards used worldwide, ASTM enhances product quality, safety, and market access. ASTM standards are widely used across the GCC and cited in laws globally. Learn more at


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    *The workshop fee is USD 250 per person, plus 5% VAT.

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    Why Participate?

    Gain Expert Knowledge

    Understand the fundamentals of lubrication, including types of lubrication oils, their applications, and the importance of proper lubrication.

    Enhance Skills

    Learn how to perform lube oil analysis, manage contamination, and implement effective inventory management.

    Increase Efficiency

    Discover how proper lube oil management can extend the life of critical equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

    Industry Recognition

    Earn an ASTM-branded certificate upon successful completion, showcasing your expertise and commitment to industry standards.

    Network with Peers

    Connect with industry professionals and experts, expanding your professional network and learning from their experiences.

    Stay Updated

    Keep abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in lubrication technology and management.

    Who should participate?


    Mechanical/maintenance Engineers


    Reliability Engineers


    Maintenance Technicians


    Laboratory Chemists


    Laboratory Technicians


    Operation Engineers




    Lubricant Marketing Professionals

    Course Outline

    11 am-4:30 pm (1-hour break in between)


    • Lubrication basics: Why lubrication is important
    • How lubricants work and protect equipment
    • Consequences of improper lube oil management

    Petroleum Refinery Operation & Lube Oil Production

    • Types of base oils: Mineral, synthetic, and bio-based
    • Properties of base oils and selecting the most suitable one

    Lube Oil Groups as per API

    • Properties of each lube oil group

    Classification of Lubrication Oils

    • Viscosity grades
    • ISO & SAE grades suitable for summer and winter usage

    Lube Oil Analysis

    • ASTM test methods for testing lube oils
    • Sampling and analysis to monitor the condition of lubrication oils
    • Analysis frequency and periodic checks to ensure lube oil quality

    Contamination and Contamination Control

    • Contamination during storage and transportation
    • Contamination while in use and control measures

    Lube Oil Inventory Management

    • Importance and cost influence of lube oil inventory managemen

    Total Lube Oil Management

    • Handling all lube oil-related matters including quality, usage, performance, top-up, and change schedules

    Techno-Commercial Considerations

    • Future-inventing smart additives

    Evaluation of Environmental Impact

    • Potential for safe recycling and conserving non-renewable resources
    • Minimizing environmental impact

    Written Exam

    • Upon passing, attendees will receive an ASTM-branded certificate

    The Trainers

    Dr. Mohammad Arab

    ASTM accredite

    With over 43 years of experience in refinery, petrochemical, and polymer laboratories, Dr. Arab has held numerous positions including Chief Chemist, Laboratory Manager, Head of Technical Division, and QA/QC Laboratory Advisor. He possesses extensive knowledge in analytical work, supervision, and training of laboratory personnel.

    Mohamed A. Musa

    ASTM accredite

    Mohamed A. Musa brings over 40 years of experience in refinery, petrochemical, plastics, and food hygiene testing laboratories. His expertise includes developing policies and procedures, conducting proficiency testing programs, ensuring workplace safety, and training staff.


    The workshop lasts a total of 4.5 hours, including a written exam.

    Yes, participants who pass the written exam will receive an ASTM-branded certificate.

    This workshop is ideal for professionals involved in lubrication such as mechanical/maintenance engineers, reliability engineers, maintenance technicians, laboratory chemists, laboratory technicians, operation engineers, operators, and lubricant marketing professionals.

    The workshop will cover lubrication basics, types and properties of base oils, lube oil groups, classification and viscosity grades, lube oil analysis, contamination control, inventory management, total lube oil management, techno-commercial considerations, and environmental impact evaluation.

    You can register for the workshop through the official BOLAT Show 2024 website. Click on the registration link and fill out the required information.

    Yes, there is a fee to attend the workshop. The workshop fee is USD 250 per person, plus 5% VAT.

    Participants are encouraged to bring note-taking materials. All other necessary materials will be provided.

    For additional information, please contact
    Pranjali Kasuhal
    +91 86556 57154

    Business casual attire is recommended for the workshop

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